Contribute to equal activism

We are currently accepting donations via CashAp ($Stnwal), which go directly to Black and Brown TGNC activists and community members.

STARR has distributed over 5k in mutual aide, since April 2020. STARR has 501-c3 status (via Trans United at Tide Foundation. EIN: 51-0198509)

Especially in the wake of COVID and, as revolutionary protests--in defense of Black+Brown+Trans life--grip the nation, we want you to know that your donations:

*Provide mutual aid for TGNC POC (period! We feed and house TGNC with your donations)

*Supports Trans vanguards on the very front line of social justice reform across the U.S. (someone needs to keep the lights on)

*Helps feed the community at large; STARR often hosts community dinners and delivers care packages due to COVID)

*Supports stipends for STARR volunteers

*Supports the financial needs Trans sex workers fleeing violence; yes we get THOSE late night calls. We house and connect vics to further services 

*Supports STARR as we work to get out the vote, leading uo to November 4th!

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